Lisa Bügel Jørgensen  is one of the pioneers of Tribal Style Dance in Denmark.

She has danced Tribal Style since the end of 2007 and has since then performed within several arrangements with both American Tribal Style (ATS)® and Tribal Fusion Bellydance, often followed by a strong impression and elements from theater.

Other than performing, Lisa gives classes in Tribal Style Bellydance. For instance, she is giving weekly classes in Copenhagen.

Lisa works intensively to improve her skills as a dancer. She takes classes on weekly basis with Dud Muurmand and have also received classes from other international respected tribal dancers such as Callisto, Morgana and Ashara in Sweeden and Germany.Right now she is taking CATT, a professional teacher cause over two years in Berlin.

Lisa Bügel Jørgensen  dances in the troupe Tribe of Gaia with Dud Muurmand as the troupe leader. Tribe of Gaia has performed within many arrangements since its start in 2009. Se is now also the troupe leader og representable group Asynja Tribal

Lisa is in the leadership of The organization works to spread Tribal Style in Denmark and partly in rest of Scandinavia. has been the arranger of several arrangements in the latest years.

Before starting to dance Tribal Style, Lisa danced oriental bellydance for several years and both performed and taught in this style. As well danced in the duo Divaduo.

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