American Tribal Style (ATS)


American Tribal Style ® (ATS) is a fusion dance that puts together folkloristic oriental movements with flamenco and ballet. It presents a system of dance movements that makes it possible for a group to improvise together and yet being synchronized. The dancers follow one leader that guides the movements with specific cues and communication without words. All dancers can both lead and follow and by switching places and change with in the formations gives a natural flow to spice up the movements. This way the group works together to create an exciting dance experience for both them self and the audience. The dance is often followed by dramatic music and costumes and this makes the proud dancers a fantastic sight for the audience. The dancers look very powerful with strongly lifted chest, high arms and big smiles. It is incredibly funny to work with this dance and it gives large opportunities to be able to improvise in a group.Skørter til ATS



The history of ATS can be followed back for many years to many different dancers, but the most significant of these is the Californian dancer Carolena Nericcio. Her troupe, FatChanceBellyDance, was the first group to present ATS to medieval event. They are based in San Francisco but the dance has spread first to the rest of USA and later to other continents such as Europe