Tribal Fusion Bellydance

Tribal Fusion Bellydance is one of the most presented fusions of American Tribal Style (ATS). This dance style shows the same powerful posture and contains many of the systemized movements from ATS. However, it can also have elements that are found in other dance forms; for example Oriental Bellydance, modern dance, hiphop or martial arts and much more. The dancer shows a large control of muscles and balance in the movements and often the expression is very dramatic. You will see it performed too many different kinds of music and the dancers have their own creative way to use it. 

Billede: Niels Djervad

Lisa has a passion for dramatic and storytelling tribal fusion. Her tribal fusion solos shows dramatic expression often followed by stories of many different kind; from fairy tale to interpretations of poetry. She works with dramatic dance both in her solos but also in her work with the troupe Tribe of Gaia that perform in many different occasions with their unique dramatic group dance.