Spins and skirts

Spins and skirts


Do you like the flying skirts? Oh I do! These skirts in thin cotton in different exiting colours are one thing a tribal dancer can’t get enough of. Do you know what I mean? Of cause you do! The best thing about them is that you can arrange them in so many ways decided after what you will dance. It looks so amazing when you see a group of ATS dancers with flying skirts and you just like to look at it because it change forms and moves with the dancer. I see how different ways of putting the skirt affect the dance and here is one of my favorites which is quite simple.


You take the skirt from the right knee and stuck it to your left hip and then you take it from the middle on the bag of left leg and stuck it to your right hip. So then you are wrapped in the skirt that forms a kind of spiral. I like this way because of the way the spins are shown. It looks like a spiral staircase. Yay!!!



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