Asynja Tribal



Asynja Tribal is a dance troupe that represents Tribaldance Denmark in various cultural events and dance shows mainly in Copenhagen. Lisa Bügel has been the troupe leader and artistic director at the troupe since it started in January 2014. Since then Asynja Tribal has performed several places such as Dansens Dag (CPH), Kulturhavn (CPH) and Tribal Café.

Asynja Tribal works with ATS-based tribal fusion bellydance and group improvisation. They work creative with different music in a mixture of improvisation and choreography and experiment with new movement to add to the improvisational system.

The troupe has 7 dancers: Juliane Mikkelsen, Kirsten Nordbjærg, Lena Røngaard Clausen, Emilie Bergmann hanibal, Anne Mette Nielsen, Maj Britt Arberg og Lisa Bügel. They are all dedicated dancers and make a brilliant performance on stage. Many are also solo dancers but are also dedicated to group work that gives different possibilities for dance and creativity.

Asynja can be hired to different cultural and social events. Their shows are lively and leave the audience with excitement and good mood. Booking For booking contact Lisa Bügel at e-mail: or cell-phone: +45 26985056  

Asynja tonet Foto: Niels Djervad

Asynja Optog

Foto: Niels Djervad