Tribe of Gaia

Tribe of Gaia is a troupe that specialized in ATS and dramatic tribal fusion. It has Dud Muurmand as troup leader and artistic director and has performed too many different events.

Now, the troupe presents three dancers: Dud Muurmand (DK), Lisa Bügel (DK) and Pernilla Sund (SE). All are teachers and professional performers and can also be experienced solo. They also teach together for example to the summer school in Copenhagen; “Tribal CPH”

Tribe of Gaia have since its start in 2009 performed too Many different events such as: Tribal Café and Dark Weekend CPH (arranged by, to shows at international festivals in Germany, Britten and Sweden and to several cultural events for example Kulturhavn in Copenhagen.

The troupe is also performing to medieval markets. For this purpose they use an ATS-like structure with gypsy elements that is perfect for improvising to events where the dance space can be very different and unpredictable.

Tribe of Gaia can be hired different cultural and social events. The shows are very entertaining and have many surprising elements. We fit many themes, such as:

Burlesque, Gothic, Cabaret, Dark Magic/mystique, Tribal, mediaval and vitage/steampunk themes.
For booking cantact Dud Murmand by e-mail: or cell phone: +45 40172051